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Karachi Port Trust is a port in Pakistan. It is located in the southern part of Karachi city in the Sindh province of Pakistan. It was established as a trade center and a port in the 19th century. Karachi port trust Pakistan Karachi is the heart of Pakistan. It is the financial and commercial hub of the country with a diverse ecosystem. The city has a population of more than 18 million which earns it the title of the world’s 7th most populous city. Karachi also handles about 50% of the total overseas trade of the country which contributes to the nation’s economy. The Port of Karachi is a port in Karachi, Sindh, Pakistan. Operated by the Karachi Port Trust KPT Jobs it is Pakistan’s largest port and one of the largest ports in the world. The port is located about 35 kilometers east of downtown Karachi.

Almost all the necessary trade, commerce, and social activities in Karachi, Pakistan, are done through the Port of Karachi (POK). Located on the shores of the Arabian Sea in the southern part of Karachi, the Port of Karachi is one of the largest and most populous seaports in the world. It was ranked among the top five busiest ports in the world for two consecutive years (2005-2007). The Port of Karachi is operated and run by the Karachi Port Trust which was established in 194 It is an autonomous body belonging to the Ministry of Ports and Shipping. The Port of Karachi is one of the major, if not the most important, economic engines for Pakistan.

Karachi Port Trust is a government-owned cargo handling and container terminal/port located in Karachi, Pakistan. The Karachi Port Trust KPT Jobs handles more than 95% of Pakistan’s total general cargo traffic and 40% of the country’s total container traffic. It also handles general and project cargo, breakbulk cargo, steel, vehicles, and containers. While the port is largely used to export the goods of various businesses, it also handles inbound traffic from India for the few companies that do not use it for exports. CPTPP is an important part of the structure as well.

Karachi Port Trust is one of the oldest and most valued ports entrusted in Pakistan. Situated in Karachi, this port has been operating since 190 The port also has a number of specializations that are a result of the long and colorful history of Karachi. Though Karachi Port Trust KPT Jobs may have had its ups and downs over the centuries, it has managed to remain a prominent port throughout Pakistan and continues to be the largest port in the country. The port is home to a number of ships, containers, and other ships. In its history, the port has grown from only being able to handle smaller-sized ships to be able to handle larger ships as well. As a result of all the work, it does for Pakistan.

Since the industrial revolution in the 18th century, it has been a fundamental objective of every economic development policy in the world to have a healthy supply of port facilities in order to enable trade. For this reason, Karachi Port Trust is an important institute located on the shores of the Arabian Sea. The Karachi Port Trust is a result of the Karachi Port Commission which was formed on October 24, 1842, under the “Bombay Port Trusts Act of 1841”. The port is currently managed by the government of Pakistan and is a major employer in the area. The port is not only an important employer in the area.

Pakistan is a country that is rich in culture and heritage. It is a country that has been rich in history and has seen many changes in social and economic life. Pakistan is a Muslim-majority country, but it had been home to Hindus, Christians, and Sikhs since the beginning of Pakistan’s history. Around 97% of Pakistan’s population is Muslim. The population size is around 191 million. It is ranked no. 3 on the list of States by population size, with only China and India exceeding Pakistan’s population. Islam is the religion that the majority of Pakistanis subscribe to. The population is estimated to be around 88% Muslim, with minority Hinduism, Christianity, and other religions making up the rest of the population.

Are you looking for a new, exciting and rewarding career in Karachi? Karachi Port Trust KPT Jobs provides a variety of exciting employment opportunities for qualified and skilled individuals. Whether you are looking for a role in shipping, engineering, Port management, or construction, the Port Trust offers many opportunities for people to embark on successful careers.

Vacancies / Positions

  • Pilot
  • Tug Commander
  • Assistant Manager

Eligibility Conditions

  • Applications complete in any respect or received after the due date, will not be entertained.
  • Candidates shall be required to produce all original documents at the time of the interview.
  • Only shortlisted candidates will be invited to the interview selection process.
  • No TA/DA will be admissible for the interview/selection process.
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