HEC Jobs 2022 Higher Education Commission

Pakistan Higher Education is at an all-time low in terms of quality and quantity. This is the biggest challenge we face not only as a nation but also as a society. A Higher Education Commission (HEC) is a type of independent agency found in many countries throughout the world, though they have different structures and … Read more

SSGC Jobs 2022 Sui Southern Gas Company Limited

Sui Southern Gas Company Limited (SSGC) is one of the largest gas transmission & distribution companies in Pakistan. SSGC Jobs was incorporated on February 15, 1955, as a public limited company under the Companies Act, of 1913. SSGCL, along with its subsidiary companies, owns and operates an integrated natural gas pipeline network in Pakistan. The … Read more

IESCO Jobs 2022 Islamabad Electric Supply Company

The Islamabad Electric Supply Company (IESCO) is responsible for providing power supply to Islamabad, Pakistan. The IESCO has been the sole electricity supplier to the city since 1974 when it took over from the Water and Power Development Authority. In November 2014, all IESCO’s assets and liabilities were transferred to the newly-established Islamabad Electric Supply … Read more

PPHI Jobs 2022 Peoples Primary Healthcare Initiative

The Peoples Primary Healthcare Initiative (PPHI) was launched by United Nations International Children’s Emergency Fund (UNICEF) in partnership with the Sindh Government. The main objective of the PPHI Jobs Initiative is to deliver quality health and nutrition services to children under 5 years in the poorest districts of Sindh Province, Pakistan. PPHI is a non-profit … Read more

PARC Jobs 2022 Pakistan Agricultural Research Council

Pakistan Agricultural Research Council is a project of the Ministry of National Food Security and Research (MoNFSR) and is one of the flagship research institutes of Pakistan. It is the principal agricultural research organization in Pakistan that undertakes research not only on cereals but also on vegetables, legumes, fruits, forage crops, and medicinal and aromatic … Read more

FIA Jobs 2022 Federal Investigation Agency

Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) is the law enforcement agency of Pakistan. It is also known as Federal Investigation Agency or Frontier Investigation Agency. It is the independent law enforcement agency in Pakistan and is free from any kind of interference. FIA has its headquarters in Islamabad, Pakistan. Federal Investigation Agency FIA Pakistan has been established … Read more

NHA Jobs 2022 National Highway Authority Advertisement

National Highway Authority Pakistan is an autonomous body and the country’s largest construction aggregator, responsible for the maintenance and development of the country’s National Highways network. It was created on 17 June 1995 by an act of parliament to provide efficient maintenance of roads, bridges, and motorways. The National Highway Authority (NHA) is a government-owned … Read more

UTS Jobs 2022 Universal Testing Service

The Universal Testing Service is Pakistan’s first independent professional testing laboratory for ISO, ASTM, AOAC, and other international standards. It provides tests on food safety, pharmaceuticals, medical devices, and the environment for a variety of applications in compliance with international testing protocols. Uts jobs The UTS jobs were established with the aim to provide Pakistani … Read more

Ptcl Jobs 2022 Pakistan Telecommunication Company Limited

The Pakistan Telecommunication Company Limited (PTCL) Jobs is the largest fixed-line operator and second-largest mobile phone provider in Pakistan. The company’s operations include long-distance, local, cable TV, Internet, and broadband services. It has a subscriber base of 25 million which was previously a monopoly in the country’s telecom sector. Pakistan Telecommunication Company Limited (PTCL) is … Read more

PTA Jobs 2022 Pakistan Telecommunication Authority

Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) is the authority for regulating all telecommunication services in Pakistan. PTA Jobs has established a nationwide numbering plan called PSTN (Public Switched Telephone Network) which covers all the areas of Pakistan, even those that are not in the range of mobile operators. The Pakistan Telecommunication Authority is a sectoral regulatory body … Read more

NTRC Jobs 2022 National Transport Research Centre

The National Transport Research Centre (NTRC) is Pakistan’s leading institute dedicated to automotive research and development. Established in 1987, the NTRC’s goal is to promote the development and implementation of innovative, environmentally friendly transport practices to address the country’s growing demand for vehicles. NTRC has been conducting research for many years with the aim to … Read more

ITS Jobs 2022 Islamabad Testing Service Advertisement

Islamabad Testing Service is a no-nonsense, one-stop solution for your testing needs. They offer an extensive list of testing methods that allow them to provide expert services in all major fields, including: – Materials testing – Chemical analysis – Mechanical testing – Magnetic testing – Vibration testing – Temperature and humidity testing – Solar radiation … Read more

Ministry of Commerce Jobs 2022 Advertisement

Ministry of Commerce was established in 1960 to ensure proper growth of the trade and commerce sector in the country. The ministry is responsible for safeguarding the interests of local industry and creating a favorable business environment for it. It also promotes trade and investment within the country and oversees matters related to foreign trade. … Read more

Federal Judicial Academy Jobs 2022 Advertisement

Federal Judicial Academy was established by the chief justice of Pakistan in the year 1999 with the concept to provide qualified and trained human resources to the subordinate judiciary. Federal Judicial Academy (FJA) offers qualifications, training, and research services to the subordinate judiciary of Pakistan. The Federal Judicial Academy (FJA) in Pakistan is the institution … Read more

Suparco Jobs 2022 Space Atmosphere Research Commission

Space & Upper Atmosphere Research Commission (SUPARCO) is an organization with its headquarters in Rawalpindi, Pakistan. The main aim of SUPARCO is to develop space technologies and conduct research and development in the field of space sciences for peaceful purposes. It is responsible for the space program of Pakistan. The Upper Atmosphere and Space Commission … Read more